Q : What is the operation timings of Rapid Metro services?
A : Trains are operational from 0600 hrs in the morning to 2200 hrs (midnight).

Q : What is the distance between two metro stations?
A : The approximate distance between any two metro stations on the Rapid Metro network is 1km

Q : Which is the interchange station for Delhi Metro?
A : A covered walkway at Sikanderpur acts as an interchange between Rapid Metro and Delhi Metro network.

Q : How many coaches does Rapid Metro train have?
A : Each Rapid Metro train has three (3) coaches.

Q : What is the train frequency?
A : The average train frequency is 4-5 minutes.

Q : What is the total time taken to complete the entire Rapid Metro?
A : The total time taken to complete the entire network is approximately be 35 minutes.

Q : What is the speed of the train?
A : Rapid Metro trains run at an average speed of 30 kmph.

Q : What is the total capacity of a single train of Rapid Metro?
A : A single train can easily accommodate upto 800 passengers.

Q : What is the entire length of the Line I & Line II route?
A : The total length of the entire Phase I & Phase II route is 5.1 km & 6.6 respectively

Q : What is the fare structure/slab for Rapid Metro?
A : Rapid Metro Gurgaon Phase 1 has flat fare of: Rs 20/-
Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon South Limited Fare is as below:

Upto 2 stations initial fare @Rs 20/-
Beyond 2 stations initial fare @ Rs 30/-
Note - Initial fare is for Rapid MetroRail South Limited. In case commuter travels to DMRC/RMGL line, corresponding fare of DMRC/RMGL will also be applicable.

Promotional Fare

Within Rapid MetroRail South Limited flat fare of Rs 20/-. Travel within RMGL and RMGSL system will entail fare as per the Fare table below:

fare table Q : How many types of tickets are available in Rapid Metro?
A : There are two types of tickets available for using the Rapid Metro services - Single journey Tokens & Smart Cards.

Q : What is a single journey Token?
A : Single journey token is a valid ticket that provides the facility of one-time point to point travel on the Rapid Metro. Single journey tokens are touched at the AFC gate to enter the paid area and dropped at the exit AFC gate slot to exit the paid area.

Q : What is a Smart Card? What are the advantages of using a Smart Card?
A : A Smart Card is a special type of ticket suitable for multiple journeys based on value available on it. It is the most economical and convenient way to travel for frequent commuters on the Rapid Metro as it saves time spent in daily purchase of token. In addition, a Smart Card provides freedom in choice of origin and destination station. Smart Cards are swiped at the entry and exit gate to enter or exit the paid area. There is no need to deposit it at the point of exit and is retained by the commuter for future use during travel.

Q : Where can the Token or Smart Card be purchased from?
A : Tokens are available across all ticket windows/counters of Rapid Metro as well as DMRC’s network whereas Smart Cards can be purchased from Customer Care Helpdesk of any station on Rapid Metro and DMRC network.

Q : What should I do if I lose my Token?
A : In case of such situation the commuter should contact Customer Care Helpdesk or seek assistance from Rapid Metro official at the station.

Q : What should I do if the Token is not accepted at the entry or exit gate?
A : In case of such situation the commuter should contact Customer Care Helpdesk or seek assistance with the Token from Rapid Metro official at the station.

Q : How many people can travel on a single Smart Card?
A : Only one person is authorized to travel on one Smart Card.

Q : How can I check the available balance in my Smart Card?
A : We have installed Remaining Value Check Terminals (RVCTs) at the stations, where one can check the balance and the last transaction made on their Smart Card. Alternatively, you may also check the same at the Customer Care Helpdesk.

Q : What are the criteria for ticket charges of a child?
A : Children below 3 feet (90cms) height are allowed to travel free if accompanied by an adult. Children above 3 feet (90cms) will be charged normal fare

Q : What is the maximum number of Tickets/Tokens that can be bought from the ticket counters in one transaction?
A : Maximum six (6) Tickets/Tokens can be bought in one transaction.

Q : Are the Tokens/Smart Cards refundable?
A : Unused Tokens are refundable within 60 minutes of purchase of token from the same station if the passenger has not entered the paid area. After entering the paid area Tokens are non-refundable.

Q : Will I be charged any fare if I enter from the Delhi Metro Sikanderpur Station & exit from the Rapid Metro Sikanderpur Station without travelling on the train?
A : Yes, you will be charged a combined fare for having accessed both the Delhi Metro & Rapid Metro networks.

Q : Where can I report lost or stolen items?
A : Passenger shall get an NCR registered at the nearest Police Station. In case, the item is found by Rapid Metro staff, the same would get updated on Metro website under the Lost and Found section. It is the passenger’s responsibility to keep checking the Rapid Metro website ( www.rapidmetrogurgaon.com ) for information.

Q : How do I claim my found item?
A : Any unclaimed item found by Rapid Metro will be updated on the website with basic item details along with location and date of where the item was found. The found article will be kept at the respective stations Customer Care Helpdesk and on expiry of 48 hours, it will be moved to our depot/warehouse. On identifying the lost item in the inventory posted on website, passenger can contact the Customer Care staff at the station.

Passenger shall carry:
Government approved photo ID/Identity card
Copy of NCR lodged

They will be required to provide details of the item which has been lost, for validation by Rapid Metro official

The handing over of the item is at the sole discretion of Rapid Metro officials. Any perishable item like food etc. will be disposed off within 24 hrs. Any item found will be retained at the depot/warehouse for 3 months after which it will be disposed through a public auction. The same will be announced on website/Facebook and public notice boards at the stations.

Q : Do the mobile phones work within the train and stations?
A : Yes, the Rapid Metro stations and trains have mobile phone network connectivity.

Q : Is there any parking available at the Rapid Metro stations?
A : Parking facility not available at any of the Rapid Metro stations.

Q : Are there washrooms/toilet facilities available at the Rapid Metro stations?
A : Yes washroom/toilet facilities are available.

Q : Is there any special reservations/compartments for ladies or senior citizens?
A : Yes, there are seats reserved for ladies and senior citizens in the trains. We advise passengers to give seating preference to ladies and old passengers.

Q : Where will I get the wheel chair at the metro stations?
A : While entering the Rapid Metro station contact our Customer Care staff and ask for assistance. He/she will help you getting a wheel chair at the entry and exit stations.

Q : How much weight is allowed per person while travelling on RMGL?
A : Luggage up to weight of 15 kg and dimension up to 60cm x 45cm x 25cm is permitted per person.

Q : Where can I get the Rapid Metro map?
A :Rapid Metro maps can be downloaded from our website www.rapidmetrogurgaon.com.

Q : Is smoking allowed inside the train or at the stations?
A : Smoking is strictly prohibited in train and at stations. It is a punishable offence.

Q : Can I carry any food items inside the train or any of the stations?
A : You can carry packed food items inside the Rapid Metro stations or trains. However, eating is not allowed in the trains and on stations.

Q : Is there any provision for providing medical assistance at the station?
A : Basic First Aid can be administered by our Customer Care executive. Kindly approach our Customer Care Helpdesk in case any such assistance is required.

Q : How to get assistance for a sick person while travelling in train?
A : Use ‘Press to Talk’ facility in the train wherein the train operator can be informed promptly. Train operator will arrange for medical assistance at the next station.

Q : What will be the procedure for making a complaint or suggestion??
A : In the unlikely scenario where a complaint needs to be registered, passenger can either:

Approach the Customer Care executive at the station and lodge his/her complaint
Call our Customer Care Helpline number at 0124 - 2800028 (chargeable)

Q : Are ATMs available at the stations?
A : Yes.

Q : What should I do in case of emergency while travelling in the train?
A : We request you to stay calm. Our staff is trained to handle all emergency situations and will assist you in evacuating the train. Also, there is 'Press to Talk' facility in the train wherein the train operator can be informed promptly. Train operator will arrange for the evacuation if required.

Q : What type of security does Rapid Metro offer?
A : All AFC gates (which is the entry point for Paid Area) is manned by security staff during revenue hours of operations. Baggage scanning and checking is mandatory before entering into paid area.

Q : Whom should I contact if I see any hazardous article/unusual occurrence at stations?
A : Promptly inform the nearest security personnel, Customer Care Helpdesk or any Rapid Metro employee.

Q : What are the security arrangements inside the train?
A : There are CCTV cameras, emergency exits, fire extinguishers for safety purposes. You can also talk to the Train driver/operator by using “Press to Talk” buttons in case of emergency.

Q : How can I contact the Customer Relations Centre?
A : For your convenience there are more than one ways via which you can contact us:

In person: Contact our Customer Care executives in Customer Care Helpdesk at any station
Phone: Call our Centralized Call Centre on 0124-2800028 (chargeable)
Email: Write to us at care@rapidmetrogurgaon.com

Q : Where can I find information about Rapid Metro?
A : You can log on to the official website of Rapid Metro for any information www.rapidmetrogurgaon.com