How to Use

Each metro station area is broadly divided into 3 zones

Road Level – You can use the staircase, escalator or elevator from the road level to move to the concourse level.

Concourse Level – This is divided into unpaid and paid areas. The ticket counters, are located in the unpaid areas of the station. You can buy your ticket from the unpaid area, pass through security and use the AFC Gates to enter the paid area. Then use the staircases, escalators or elevators to move up to the platform level.

Platform Level - This is where you will board the train to your destination.

For personal safety, passenger should not cross yellow line at the platform.

For the convenience of our passengers, there are many signages provided for guidence of entrances and exits.

Entrances and exits include staircases, escalators and elevators from Road Level to Concourse Level and from Concourse Level to the Platform Level and vice versa. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you at any time. We request you to follow the instructions of the Metro System to avoid delays and have a plesent journey.

There are Specific Emergency Exits from platform level to concourse/ground level at all metro stations which can be used incase of emergency.

The metro station is divided into paid and unpaid area. The unpaid area houses the ticket Issuing Counters.

You can purchase a ticket and use it to enter the paid area through the AFC gates. A valid ticket gives you the authority to enter the paid area and go to the platform and board a metro train to your destination.

A valid ticket needs to be purchased to travel on the metro system. Ticket can be a Token or a Smart card based on your preference. Tickets are easily available at each station. Tokens can be purchased – at ticket counters. Smart Cards can only be purchased from the Customer Care.

Customer Care at each metro station will also assist you with re-charging your Smart Card,, and provide any other assistance that you may require from paid and unpaid area.

While using the escalator, we request passengers to stand on the left hand side. The right side should remain free for passengers who wish to walk on the escalators. It is advisable to hold the hand rail and face in the moving direction In case of an emergency, Kindly press the red emergency stop button at the top, bottom or centre of the escalator. Do not sit, run or play on the escalator. We request passenger to refrain from carrying bulky, heavy loads and trolley bags with wheels on the escalator. Loose cloths like Saari, duppta etc should be taken care of in order to prevent any untoward incident.

Elevators are preferably meant for use by senior citizens, sick and differently abled passengers. We request all other passengers to kindly use the staircase or the escalator. " USE STAIRS AND BE FIT"

Instructions on usage are displayed inside the elevator or on the sides of the escalator. Kindly follow the instructions provided by the metro for a safe journey.

On train arrival, always allow the passengers to alight first before you start boarding. Do not shove or push your fellow passengers. Always mind the gap between the platform and the train.

While inside the train, you are requested to stand away from the doors and avoid blocking them. Do not attempt to prevent train doors from closing. Pay attention to all the announcements made on board the train and disembark at your destination.

AFC Gates – The automatic fare collection (AFC) gates divides the metro stations into “paid” and “unpaid” areas. It only allows passengers with valid tickets to board the train.

You must present the ticket (i.e. Token or Smart Card) at the ticket reader located on the gates. If the authentication is valid, you will be permitted to pass through the gate from the unpaid to the paid area. In case your ticket is not authenticated, you can approach our Customer Care next to the AFC gates for assistance.

During exit, you need to insert your Token at the exit gate and if you are using Smart Card, you need to present the Smart Card at the ticket reader located on the gates. If all conditions for a proper exit are met, you will be allowed to pass through the gates.

Kindly follow the instructions on the electronic display panel mounted on each gate.

When accompanied by children below 90 cms in height, do ensure that they are held closely in front of you or in your arms. Full Ticket will be chargeable for children above 90 cms in height.

Every compartment has seats reserved for senior citizens, differently abled passengers and pregnant women. Passengers are kindly requested to vacate these seats and provide them with assistance if required.

We provide adequate facilities for differently abled passengers. These include wheel chair on request, wide gates for passengers on wheelchairs, lifts with operation panels installed at a low level, tactile path for the visually impaired.