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Rapid Metro offers a unique opportunity for marketers/advertisers/retailers to reach out to commuters to and from premium office space in Cyber City, Gurgaon. Majority of expected passengers are educated and knowledgeable, brand conscious, upwardly mobile, tech-friendly, working professionals with high disposable incomes.

We are proud to announce start of partnership with:

Partner With Us

Interactive Communication Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. (ICONS) is the exclusive concessionaire of Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon Ltd. (RMGL) for creating and selling Outdoor Media on its civil structures, which includes retail and commercial spaces and station branding rights as well. We have on offer various attractive OOH options like complete pillar wraps, video ad films on LED screens, high quality tri-vision, regular wall wraps and station branding, retail and commercial space at station concourse level area amongst many others on Rapid Metro stations and civil structures.

For leasing of retail space and advertising send an email at , , , or contact to - 9311116699 , 9555227777.

Options Available:
  • Branding Rights:

    RMGL presents one of India´s first branding rights opportunity on a public transport network. A branding rights investment is a unique, holistic, and powerful platform that goes beyond traditional marketing communication. As a Branding Rights Partner, you will gain the exclusive privilege to:

    • Brand assets (Line, Station, Train & Walkway) after your brand
    • Advertise on Rapid Metro
    • Establish retail outlets
    • Have first right and exclusive business generating partnership
    • and more…..!!

    A one and only opportunity in Gurgaon!

  • Advertise:

    RMGL invites advertisers/operators/agencies to take up advertising rights for various RMGL assets.

    Our advertising inventory includes:

    Inside Station:

    • Backlit Panel Displays
    • Product Displays
    • LCD Displays & Screens
    • Digital Information Pods
    • Escalators & Staircases
    • Lifts
    • Posters
    • Sampling Opportunities
    • Experiential Marketing


    • Train Branding
    • Train LCDs
    • Straphangers & Handlebars
    • Train Wrap

    Rapid Metro Civil Structure:

    • Pillars
    • Skywalks/Bridges
    • Viaduct
    • Station Branding
  • Retail:

    RMGL invites retailers/developers/operators/agencies to take up spaces available on any of the six stations of the Rapid Metro network for retail and commercial use on License basis. Nature of activities and facilities may include cafeterias, departmental store, convenience stores, discount store, hypermarket, restaurants, food & beverage stalls, tele-communication services, information centers, billing counters, gift shops, hotel reservation desk, florists, kiosks, offices, bank and financial services, ATMs, vending machines, pharmacy, showrooms, general utilities, etc. Retail formats include:

    • Booth
    • Cart
    • Kiosk/Standalone
    • Vending Machine
    • Product Display
    • Dedicated Retail Area